We, the People of New Mexico, are signing this Recall Petition for the express purpose of removing the Governor Lujan- Grisham, for Malfeasance. Specifically, the Governor has intentionally either personally, or caused others under her direction, to having been dishonest, acted illegally, and knowingly exceeded her authority, interfered or denied the public their constitutionally guaranteed rights, by the following acts:

The Governor, or her agents, have:

Lied and intentionally mislead the public about the current state of affairs, effects, and public health threat of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Has intentionally overstated the dangers of the virus, and denied the citizens many of their rights and privileges under the United State’s Constitution.

Lacked transparency in how the State of New Mexico has directed the hospital and medical systems to treat infected patients, or allowed obvious threats to the public to transpire, including importing additional infected patients from out-of-area and out-of- state, for improper reasons, without any public disclosure or notice.

Has intentionally mislead the public with false data regarding the actual numbers of persons tested for the Coronavirus, has intentionally inflated the testing figures by false counting methods including counting individuals more than once, who have previously been counted or tested.

Has intentionally manipulated the number of persons who have been tested as Positive for Covid-19 in order to further her agenda and justify her draconian actions against the public.

Has arbitrarily and capriciously imposed extreme measures against the public at large, including falsely imprisoning the public, forcing the public to remain in their homes, enforcing medical quarantines on healthy individuals, has intentionally allowed dangerous offenders to be released from judicially imposed incarceration, has prevented lawful and peaceful demonstrations and completely interfered with the public’s First Amendment rights.

Has arbitrarily and capriciously denied businesses from conducting legal activities, has ignored all standards of reason in deciding “essential” vs “non-essential” business categories, with no public disclosure, no public listing or category, has provided no explanation of how her administration has determined any category, and has intentionally, willfully, and with malicious intent, forced mid-sized and small businesses to be closed under threat of legal and financial penalties, yet, has continued to allow large, national and international companies to remain in operation. This intentional act was willful, malicious, and intended to force small businesses to remain closed, with callous and neglectful disregard, with complete knowledge most small companies will never financially recover and likely be forced to close forever.

Has intentionally caused grievous harm to the economy of the Great State of New Mexico, for completely unsubstantiated scientific and medical reasons, and is acting with the appearance of total, uncontrolled tyrannical attitude, especially in the face of any criticism.

Has acted with complete disregard, and in a manner unbecoming of the position and office of the Governor of New Mexico.

Has acted maliciously with intentional harm toward the State’s industries, including the Oil & Gas sector, by purposely imposing the “Energy Transition Act” without any legal, scientific, or financial understanding, or reasonable expectation the act will benefit the state economy or public, and in actuality, has acknowledged the act will cause massive economic harm to the existing energy sector, and knowingly will cause massive economic harm and hardship to the citizens of New Mexico. As such, We the People of New Mexico are signing and affirming our demands and desire the Governor of New Mexico be removed from office for intentional actions amounting to both Malfeasance, and Misfeasance.

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